Learning Stuff

Learning Stuff is so cool!!!. These days I have been trying to keep up with JavaScript fatigue, so many libraries, frameworks, es6, es7 and the list goes on. My work requires me to write JavaScript on a daily basis. I am kind of a impatient guy who loves to keep digging into new stuff, you know how a rat keeps digging for cheese. So I have started learning 3 topics in upcoming quarter. Linux and bash scripting, Data structures and Algorithms and finally Android. I know these topics are too big to be covered in four months, and I don’t intend to become an expert in those. I just wish to explore these areas and see if I find my inclination towards any of those is as much as it is towards web. If yes then I will continue to dig deeper in those areas, well if no, will find some other stuff to dig in.
Since I am talking about learning, I would love to mention that I have shifted to Bengaluru recently for my job. It’s a beautiful city, weather is awesome, trees all around, nice places to just go out and take a long walk.
Getting a wide exposure, learning a lot of things about the dynamics of a large city, all these feelings are awesome. Currently staying in a PG, it’s a decent three sharing room, with no so decent food. Hahaha!! but it’s okay for me, will be shifting to some flat soon. Wow!!! that’s a lot of information that I shared, just kidding, there a lot more to me than meets the eye.
So based on everything above my next couple or more posts will be on Android, Linux, Datastructures and Algos, and my experience at Bangalore. I would like this opportunity to share my learning experience with everyone.
That is it for this post folks!!!. For any query or comments drop me a mail at contact@rishabh1403.com. Would love to have a chat!!!.