Hackerrank Solutions in Golang

August 21st, 2018
2 min read

My solutions to hackerrank practice problems in golang with explantions.

Starting Golang

I used to do competitive programming in my college days and from there on moved to web development. It's been a long time since I looked back and I think it's high time I should start coding again. I also started learning Golang recently, so I think it would be better to practice it on some code snippets online and test it for time and space complexity along the way.

Choosing a platform

Now that the task is decided, it is time to choose a platform. There are many options out there. Some famous ones are hackerrank, hackerearth, codechef, codeforces, topcoder etc. I chose to go with hackerrank to start with. I have used all of these platforms before and hackerrank provides some basic questions for warmup and all, so yeah, will start from hackerrank. As I had no prior knowledge of Golang I wanted to go with a platform where I could start from very basic.

Posting solutions

I would be posting solutions to all the questions that I solve as blog posts here explaining the approach I took, what problems I faced and so on. The solutions would be in Golang because that is the language I am trying to learn here.

Stay tuned and see you later :)