Bought a new bike!!!

March 18th, 2020
4 min read

Following my somewhat life-changing journey to Rishikesh, a lot of things turned out in ways I hadn't expected. Moving to another place, settling down in Delhi with family (trust me it's temporary emoji-relieved), and buying a new bike. Yes!!! bought a new bike in August'19 emoji-bike. This post is all about the time I bought my first new bikeemoji-confetti_ball.

Perfect excuse

I was feeling restless ever since I went to Rishikesh. I wanted a bike and to go on a long ride every week. I wanted to feel the same freedom again emoji-stuck_out_tongue. It all seems so perfect in theory but in practice, things are a tad bit complicated. I had a new job that I liked, had just settled down in Delhi and was out of cash. So I thought of delaying my bike for a couple of months.

My new place was quite far from office and hence I ended up paying a lot in commute every day. Both timeemoji-clock1 and moneyemoji-moneybag. I started feeling exhausted very soon and this was my perfect excuse to buy a new bike. I asked my mother, she said "Hell, No!!!". I heard "Hell, Yeah!!!"emoji-stuck_out_tongue.

Perfect bike

Hence, the search began for the perfect bike. I had a budget, didn't want something too powerful and heavy (since this was my first), didn't want something too light and slow so that I don't lose interest in few monthsemoji-disappointed. After a lot of research (ahem...ahememoji-books), I settled on Bajaj Dominar. It was fairly new to the market with good reviews and it wasn't very costly. I was almost about to buy it, and then my friend Nimish suggested something. Suzuki Gixxer 250 SF.

Gixxer 250sf
Suzuki Gixxer 250sf

It was so beautiful, in my budget and the best thing about it, it was Matte Blackemoji-heart. It was perfect, however, Dominar had more power and had good presence throughout the country making it easier to maintain. I was confused between the two of them. I didn't know much about bikes then and knew no one in the city in my circle who did. We planned to go and take a test ride the following Sunday.

I was too excited to wait for Sunday and went all by myself on Saturday for a test ride. It felt sooo good. I fell in love with it immediatelyemoji-heartemoji-heart. I requested Nimish to come and take the bike delivery at the very same moment. When he arrived, he looked surprised that I expedited the process, but supported my anyways. When it was time to pay for the bike, my credit card didn't workemoji-cry.

My new bike

I started counting cash and fell short by a good amount. I requested Nimish to help me with the cash, and he helped me with everything he had. I mean every single penny!!!. At last, we managed to pay and take the bike. I wish I had pictures to put here, but at that moment, I was shaking with excitement and didn't bother to click any.

We took the bike and were on our way. Can you believe I almost dropped it on our way back? I mean, it should'nt be a surprise, I wasn't very good at riding bikes, and this was the heaviest one I had ever driven. Well, I made it home. Oh, no!!! I was home...with the bike. Mom!!!emoji-cold_sweat

The excitement

I parked the bike in the basement and went home. I was acting like I had a very normal day. Soon, I couldn't resist it anymore and told mom about the bike. Thankfully, she didn't freak out, else I would've been historyemoji-trollface. She took a look at it and said: "It's a sports bike, I am not sitting on it". Somewhere I felt relievedemoji-relieved. Think about this, me riding a sports bike at 20kmph, with my mom on the back seat, even the thought of it made me terrified. But, finally, it was done, I had a bike!!!. I couldn't sleep that night.

Well, that's the story of how I bought my first bike. Stay tuned for my next bike on 17th August 2021. Yeah, I have selected the date and shortlisted two new bikes. Yup, I'm crazy. That's it for this one guys, stay tuned and I'll see you around.